Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.75
“On a Friday evening I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder. The next morning my shoulder was quite painful and obviously needed to be attended to. I was reluctant to go to the emergency room as I was not looking forward to a long wait. My wife checked the internet and we found that Tri-County Orthopedics had a walk in orthopedic clinic. Within 15 minutes of our arrival I was x-rayed and speaking to Dr. Hunt. I can't say enough good things about my experience. The clinic was a Godsend and Dr. Hunt was exceptionally kind, thorough and explained everything clearly. As a result I stayed with him for my whole treatment. What a pleasure not to have to go to the ER and wait for hours only to have to see an orthopedist later. This clinic is great and I tell everyone about it.”
– Charles C.
Treated by: Stephen A. Hunt, M.D.
“Dr. Forbes did an excellent job on my hip. I could barely walk and he made it all better. Couldn't have asked for more. Thank you!”
– Mary K.
Treated by: Aaron L. Forbes, M.D.
“I saw Dr. Forbes for my knee. Needed a replacement and was just trying to decide who to have it done with. He was very impressive right from the beginning. I knew I wanted him to do it. I am several months post op and everything turned out perfectly. I am very pleased with my decision to chose Dr. Forbes.”
– Byron S.
Treated by: Aaron L. Forbes, M.D.
“Dr. McBride is fantastic. He is one of the best doctors I've had the opportunity to work with. His patience and communication skill are beyond impressive. Thank you so much, Dr. McBride!!!”
– Roger T.
Treated by: Mark J. McBride, M.D.
“Overall it was a great experience with Dr. Lingor. He is knowledgable and he took time with me. Couldn't ask for anything more!”
– Susan P.
Treated by: Ryan Lingor, M.D.
“Dr. Lingor is a great doc. Took the time that I needed to ensure that I had all my questions answered. Highly recommend.”
– Mike K.
Treated by: Ryan Lingor, M.D.
“Great experience. I was informed every step of the way on what to expect regarding my knee replacement. Dr. Coliźza is very caring and knowledgeable, and he made me feel good about the surgery and recovery period. The staff is excellent.”
– Carol M.
“Excellent care during pre-op visits, during hospital stay and post-op visit. Very caring and concerned doctor and assistants.”
– Elizabeth F.
"I saw Dr. Montgomery after a rather nasty shoulder injury that did not heal correctly. He performed a shoulder replacement and I now have much less pain. He explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. I have found Dr. Montgomery and his staff to be wonderful. My only regret is that I didn't see Dr. Montgomery right after my accident." – Loretta C. 
"Dr. Goldman and the staff members who assisted him when he replaced my left hip last February did an admirable job. I am very happy with the results and am delighted to be walking at length, again. (Before the operation, I was unable to walk more than 15 minutes at a time.). Thank you!!!" – Anne M. 


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