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"I was treated by a doctor from another practice last year in May and had surgery on my foot. I had ended up having arthritis in my big toe joint. The doctor had performed a procedure to remove the arthritis and clean up the joint. Well, I had a long recovery and a lot of pain and swelling for 6-8 weeks of my whole foot. My problem was worse than ever before. I had pain every time I would walk and put pressure on the big toe. I even was told to have physical therapy and would that help. Well, no way!! That was agony!!! I let it go for a number of months and was told to go see Dr. Michael Goldberger by my physical therapist.

I made an appointment and after Dr. Goldberger’s examination he recommended doing a fusion of the joint. I wasn't looking forward to going through this all again figuring the pain again I would endure. I had my surgery on February 29, 2012 (Leap Year Day) Maybe it was a good omen!!! I was in less pain with my recovery and didn't even use my whole pain killer prescription up. Of course there was pain, but very bearable, as not with the first surgery!!! Dr. Goldberger had solved my pain problem. I even went back to work earlier than anticipated. I am deeply grateful for Dr. Goldberger's professionalism as a doctor who knows what he is talking about. He is truly a doctor with "golden hands.”

Thanks again Dr. Goldberger for making me pain free. When my other foot has to be done in a few years, I will definitely be back to have him take care of me! Very happy with my whole experience at Tri-County Orthopedics and their staff!!! NO MORE PAIN!!!" -- Allen L.

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