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"The office was very professional. I arrived about ten minutes before my appointment. I was given forms to fill out and after I filled them out, I was escorted to am examining room. Dr. Ginsberg asked me about my history and asked specific questions. I told her that I planned a ski trip for the next week and she would have to perform a miracle for my hip and knees. She then examined me and sent me for x rays. The x-ray technicians were professional and gentle. I was escorted back to the examining room. Dr. Ginsberg came in and we looked at the x-ray together. She explained that I had bursitis in both hips and a little arthritis in my right knee. She was going to treat me with medication and send me to physical therapy. She also gave me some stretching exercises. I had hope. I was going on my trip. I have been taking my meds, had one visit to the physical therapist and I feel better. I am relieved." -- Jacqueline W.

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