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"I had hip pain for 16 years. I saw several doctors who diagnosed back problems and looked for arthritis via x-ray. Ruling out anything beyond that because of my relatively young age. Turns out, it was a tear that went untreated and grew to cause severe pain and even more severe arthritis. I was shocked when I was told I needed a hip replacement. I went to several surgeons. None gave me the sense of trust and calm that Dr. Goldman did. When I met Dr. Goldman, he showed me the x-ray and defined the problem. He also told me the surgery would change my life. I knew I had found my surgeon. I am now 4 weeks past surgery. I am so happy I do not have the deep, severe pain that I have experienced for the past 16 years. I am working hard to heal and get back to activity. I am grateful to Dr. Goldman and his staff for a rewarding experience." -- Jacki H.

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