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"My first appointment with Dr. Goldman was in October of 2009.  Arrangements to have my left hip replaced were made and the surgery was at the end of January 2010. Everything went very well, and I recovered quickly. I could have gone home after 3 or 4 days, but decided to go to Runnels for rehab. I was there less than a week and was driving in three weeks from the time of the surgery. My care at Morristown Memorial was superb and the physical therapy at Runnels was excellent.

I had a nice relationship with Dr. Goldman and felt that he was outstanding as a physician and a surgeon. Hopefully, the other hip will remain healthy, but should it need to be replaced, I would call Dr. Goldman in a heartbeat. Long may he continue to add years of mobility to folks like me... am now 77...not old, just reaching perfection. (-: " -- Catherine D.

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