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"My experience with Dr. Lombardi and Tri - County Orthopedics can only be described as excellent in every way.  I'm a 77 year old man who has had knee problems since childhood, compounded by trying to be a high school and semi-pro football hero injuring both knees many times. I had procedures on both knees over the years and tried all of the treatments available including synvisc and diet supplements, which worked fairly well for me. Finally, the crunching and creaking every time I bent over and doing stairs one-step at a time, got to be too much. When they started to be unstable, especially on the stairs, I said it’s either the knees or risk falling down the stairs and doing hips as well as knees or worse. Several friends had hips done by the group and all said their treatment and recovery were excellent.  Because of my age, Dr. Lombardi said he would not do both knees at the same time. So one was done last April and the other in August.

Both experiences were more than satisfactory. Replacement Monday morning, walking with walker around nurse’s station several times on Tuesday, stairs with crutches on Wednesday, and home on Thursday afternoon. Painless in both cases. After nerve block and intravenous medication in the hospital, the strongest pain medication I took was a couple of Tylenol. Experience with hospital nurses, staff, food, and a private room etc., superior.  At home, I had visits from nurse three times and therapist six times and was released to out patient therapy. Driving the second week and six weeks of therapy and done.  Seven months later, I can easily walk my mile everyday, do steps like I did twenty years ago, and have no excuse to not do my yard work or my little repairs around the house. I did take the knee bending machine and the therapy exercises seriously and did the required reps religiously, in the hospital, at home and in out patient therapy.  I am very appreciative of Dr. Lombardi's skills and ability as well as the treatment and kindness shown by Tri-County Orthopedics and Morristown Medical Center." -- Elmer T.

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