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"Our son had a shoulder that was always popping out from a motocross injury and making him unable to continue the sport he loves.  We saw a doctor that told us he would have to put a brace on and live with it because both physical therapy and surgery wouldn't help. My husband and I thought that was rather strange and decided it was time to find another doctor. We found Dr. Hunt. From the first visit, we knew we had found the right doctor for our son. He explained the mechanism of the injury. He understood the mechanics of our son’s sport and he gave us options.  We left that appointment deciding to finish the physical therapy that the other doctor started. Yes, the doctor that said it wouldn't help had him in physical therapy!
At the end of physical therapy, we were back for our follow up with Dr. Hunt. Our son was not benefitting from the physical therapy and decided, after discussing everything with Dr. Hunt, that he wanted to proceed with surgery to correct the instability. We are now a month and a week out of surgery. Our son told Dr. Hunt at his post-op that his shoulder feels the best that it ever has! He is using his arm in normal, light, daily activity and sleeping without it popping out. Physical therapy will continue through the end of September. Adam is looking forward to returning to motocross in the fall, something he didn't think he would be able to go back to!  Thank you Dr. Hunt!" -- Anna P.

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