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"I had total right hip replacement 2/12/14. The hip feels wonderful. I am waiting to have my left side done soon. Unfortunately, my incision is having difficulty healing. I went back into surgery in the end of March to clean the wound and they placed me on a wound vac. The incision is being treated by a wound specialist and is healing well, but slowly. I have been asked by friends, “Aren't you afraid to have the second hip done?” I reply, “No, not at all.” Even if I had to go through this problem with the incision again, it is well worth it not to live in pain everyday from your hip degeneration. I think Dr. Goldman did an excellent job and I am looking forward to having the second one done soon. I have increased a lot of walking since this new hip. I can't wait to be totally out of pain from the second hip." -- Theresa Z.

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