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"After sustaining an Achilles tendon rupture playing tennis, and unfortunately waiting several months to seek treatment (my fault), I consulted with Dr. Epstein. He advised me I needed an Achilles reconstruction because an Achilles tear repair usually can only be performed within a short period after the injury.  After a thorough explanation of the injury and the proposed surgery, Dr. Epstein performed the complicated reconstruction surgery in a same-day procedure.  Although I required crutches and months of physical therapy after the surgery, I have had excellent results and have resumed normal activity without a problem. Both my wife (a physical therapist) and I found Dr. Epstein to be skilled, thorough, and professional.  More than that, however, he always sat down with us during the office visits and explained everything, answering all questions in a friendly and understandable manner. Finally, the Tri-County Orthopedics facility and staff are first rate." -- Andrew W.

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