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"I had a completely flat foot with a very bad bunion. I proceeded to see Dr. Goldberger to assess the options I had as far as treatment went. I started with custom-made orthotics and followed the doctor’s orders. After 6 months, I saw improvement as fair as pain is concerned. I booked another appointment with Dr. Goldberger and he explained the next step was surgery. The surgery would consist of anywhere from 2 to 4 parts. He discussed with me the options of doing a bunionectomy, the Evan's procedure for calcaneal/metatarsal lengthening, with a possibility of an Achilles' tendon lengthening and lengthening of the ligaments in my toes. After being prepped at the out-patient center for surgery, both Dr. Goldberger and his PA came and re-explained the whole procedure and explained that we would be doing the bunionectomy, the Evan's procedure, and the Achilles' tendon lengthening. Post-op, the pain was minimal thanks to a suggested nerve block as well as necessary medication. The first week of post-op was the most painful, but after the second week, almost all pain was either gone or minimal and swelling decreased tremendously. I am very satisfied with Dr. Goldberger's work, and will return to do the other foot!" -- Aidan Z.

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