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"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2006. I began to have numerous pains in joints all over my body. I started with one rheumatologist and was put on medication. My faith was strong and I firmly believe God's hand has been on me.  I never had to go on strong pain medication and my sleep was never affected. I did give up my position as a vascular technologist and became disabled. Family struggled with the loss of both parents, my daughter-in-law's illness, and my intellectually disabled son continued to add stress. I changed my rheumatologist and received a more definitive diagnosis, but the pain continued. I received numerous injections that only provided temporary relief. Finally, the rheumatologist called me "Crippled!” It was like a light had gone off and I knew I had to get more help. I sought my internist's recommendations with a prayer and he referred me to Dr. Goldman. I saw Dr. Goldman in January and my bilateral replacement was scheduled on March 13. I am so grateful and my heart is overwhelmed! I can walk. I usually am ahead of my husband always now! Recently, I had the joy of attending the USA Special Olympics for my son, which he won 2 Gold medals. Thank You, Tri County Orthopedics. Especially, Dr. Goldman. God Bless You!!" -- Shirley M.

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