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"I came to Tri-County Orthopedics and met Dr. Lombardi in March of 2014. At that time, I was unable to sit, stand, lie down, sleep, or go up or down stairs. My pain level was off the charts due to severe arthritis in my left hip. I had surgery on April 15th, and was home on April 17th. The surgical procedure and post-op hospital stay could not have been better. My level of pain was minimal. They had me up and walking the next day, and showed me how to get around during my recuperation period. I started outpatient physical therapy 3 weeks after surgery, and as of this writing, it has been 3 months since surgery. I have gotten my life almost completely back. My only regret is that I didn't get the surgery done a year earlier. I now have an appreciation for life that I didn't have before. I don't take it for granted, and all the little things that I never gave much thought to before, mean so much to me now. Many thanks to all the great folks at Morristown Medical Center, Dr. Lombardi, Oliver, and the staff at Tri-County Orthopedics, as well as Ken and staff at physical therapy. I also want to thank my wife Susan, who made this possible and took great care of me while I was in need." -- Greg G.

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