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"I was seeing another doctor for treatment for arthritis in both of my knees. The doctor told me that eventually I would need surgery on my knees. In the mean time, he would give me cortisone shots and a series of "gel" shots to relieve the pain. In the spring of 2013, I decided that due to increased pain, it was time to have the knee surgery. The problem was that the surgery on my right knee, according to my doctor, was going to have to be at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville. I really wanted to be treated at Morristown Medical Center. I was going to Sportscare for physical therapy and they recommended that I see Dr. Lombardi. He asked me why I needed to see him and I explained my story. Dr. Lombardi had me walk for him, and upon doing so. He suggested that he wanted to x-ray my hips!!! My other doctor had NEVER even mentioned ANYTHING about my hips. Dr. Lombardi showed me the x-rays and my right hip was "bone-on-bone." He went on to explain that I needed hip surgery and NOT knee surgery. When I asked him, "What about my knee pain?" He explained that after my hip surgery, my knee pain would be GONE!!! Dr. Lombardi was able to schedule my right hip replacement in August 2013. The day after the surgery, I woke to NO knee pain and was able to return to work in one month!" -- Bill E.

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