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"In 2013, Dr. Goldberger performed surgery to correct an Achilles tendon tear. The surgery, aftercare at his office, and rehab where I reside, were most successful in returning my foot/heel to excellent condition. There were the obvious difficult days of recuperation, but I can walk without problems. The care and attendance of Dr. Goldberger and staff were the best. It was a welcoming atmosphere, and I was never made to wait nervously or with any concerns. All was well.

In 2014, Dr. Paul Lombardi performed a total right knee replacement on Tuesday, May 6th. Within a two-month period, I was walking. In fact, I came home on Friday, and was met by our in-house therapist. She had a walker ready, taking me for a jaunt around the main floor with no problem. I am now fully functional, only carrying a cane for reassurance every once in awhile, but basically in great shape. Again, the postoperative office visits were actually enjoyable. I am extremely happy that Tri-County was "right-around-the-corner" from my new residence when I moved here from Florida in 2012." -- Sister Barbara G.

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