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"I just wanted to express a written thank you for the torn meniscus repair Dr. Willis performed on my knee in November, 2014. I spent a few months trying to nurse my knee back to health through various means before consulting with Dr. Willis. Upon review of my MRI, he said "you're not going to be satisfied unless you have this surgery". He was extremely sympathetic with my desire to be able to continue my active lifestyle, including distance running. Unlike other professionals I visited, he treated my desire with respect, and did not dismiss me as a "crazy older woman" with unrealistic expectations. He explained the condition and treatment on a professional level, which perhaps intimidating to some, impressed me that I was treated as an intelligent person, and serious amateur athlete, despite my age and arthritis in both knees. I truly feel my continued high level of physical activity has contributed to keeping this condition under control and my overall health. I starting running a little 6 weeks after the surgery, and gradually progressed with the assistance of cross-training to be able to run my first half marathon 6 months post-surgery in a respectable 2 hours and 9 minutes, which is only a few minutes slower than my pre-surgery time. In the race I did, I missed being included in the 60 year old age group by only 2 months, but if I were 60 today, I would have placed 2nd in my age group! Again, I am very happy with the treatment I received at Tri-County Orthopedics and by Dr. Willis and staff." - Claudia E.

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