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"I suffered from nasty pain in my left knee, which grew worse over the years. One doctor treated it with topical ointment. The next doctor performed arthroscopic surgery. Neither did any good, and my pain and disability grew. Last fall, on the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment to see Dr. Stephen Hunt. He tested the range of motion and strength of my knees and x-rayed them. He showed me that the left knee was actually in better condition than the right one, leading him to believe that the problem stemmed from my left hip. I argued that it was my knee that hurt, not the hip. He said that pain follows different routes, and proceeded to x-ray both hips. There it was, clear even to me ,that he was correct. He was the only physician I went to who had the intellect, training, and experience to find the real source of my "knee" problem. Dr. Hunt surgically inserted my new hip. In January, the knee pain was gone, and I am grateful to have my life returned to me by this fine physician." - Dale B.

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