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"What a godsend to our family.  Our daughter had been experiencing right leg pain for about two years.  Erin would complain about this pain each time she had her physical examination but was always diagnosed as shin splints.   The pain would increase while she was participating in basketball and track and field.  She developed a raised area over her right shin which caused more concern.  X-rays revealed nothing.  They were always read as normal.  Initial requests for a MRI were deemed unnecessary and denied.  Our school made available to any family the use of a Sports Medicine Physician for Pope John sport physicals.  We decided to give this a try.  As usual, during her physical Erin voiced her concern about this constant right leg pain and the visible lump over her right shin.  The difference this year, Dr. Padavan (Sports Medicine) listened.  He went through a thorough sports history, when and where the pain occurs, all of her activities, and review of her footwear.  I, as the parent, was tired of having my child complain of pain when my husband and I know she is not a complainer.  Dr. Padavan asked to review the previous x-rays and his staff worked on obtaining authorization for a MRI.  He was able to get the authorization for a MRI (Hallelujah).  When the MRI was completed we were called in to his office to review the results.  At that time, another x-ray was obtained directly in his office.   As soon as Dr. Padavan put the MRI and the x-ray from his office on the screen, I could see the tibia fracture immediately!  It was that clear.  This was the source of her right leg pain all this time.  We were referred immediately to Dr. Epstein to discuss all options.

From the first meeting, our family loved Dr. Epstein.  We had to wait in the waiting room for what seemed a long time, but once we were with Dr. Epstein, it was worth the wait.  What I liked the most, Erin was included in all discussions (since she had to be the one to make the final decision about surgery).  I appreciated all the options and detail that he provided in regards to surgery and the option of no surgical intervention.  He has a very calm approach.  Erin instantly trusted him.  She decided to proceed with surgery. 

The whole process was so smooth.  From the scheduling, to check in, to the anesthesia consultation, to Dr. Epstein reviewing with us, at the bedside, the upcoming procedure, to recovery, and  discharge.

At each follow-up visit, Dr. Epstein reviewed the x-ray of the day and what to expect.  Our family felt that we were given his full attention each time we went in for a follow-up visit.  Erin was finally discharged from follow-up in March.  She was able to return to sports (the first up was track and field).  She has been pain-free!  She feels liberated.  She is looking forward to her sports filled senior year in High School.

Thank you Dr. Epstein.  You are the best.  I will recommend you to everyone." – Benay J. 

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