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"As a high school soccer player, I experienced pain in my left knee that not only continued for a year, but got worse. During the middle of my junior year, I met Dr. Epstein after a referral from another orthopedic doctor. As he observed my MRI's and other data he diagnosed a rip in the cartilage somewhere under my patella or OCD. Even with such an odd injury for someone of my age, 17,  he remained confident that he could repair it. He also made the smart decision to repair it himself instead of hoping it would heal on its own and potentially affect another soccer season of my career. On the day of the surgery, he was thoroughly confident and kind as well as his entire staff. After the surgery, he stated it went well and there were no complications for him to express. He did a great job explaining recovery time and the methods of rehabilitation that would ensue. His interest and passion with his work but also my full recovery was clear and definitely aided in my rehabilitation. Dr. Epstein was a great doctor and surgeon before, during and after my surgery. He and his staff exemplify professionalism and compassion at all times and I would recommend them to all high school athletes as they followed me through the entire journey." – Lorenzo R. 

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