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"I had seriously sprained my right ankle as a teen (I am now 47). Since that time, it was always my weaker ankle and would on occasion roll or go over on me while just doing ordinary tasks like walking. In October 2014, I fell and seriously re-injured my right ankle. My regular ortho told me it was not broken but that it would probably need to be surgically fixed. He then sent me to his friend, Dr. David Epstein, who specializes in ankles.
I was sent for X-rays and an MRI. Dr. Epstein told me of the many problems he found in my ankle; no bones 
broken but many stretched and torn ligaments (some torn off the bone), broken cartilage, and others that I can't even remember the name. Dr. Epstein discussed all of my options with me and we decided on the surgical repair.
My surgery was scheduled for January; I wanted to wait until after the holidays. He explained in detail what he was going to be doing 
during the surgery; I like knowing all the details. Afterward, I had to keep my foot elevated as much as possible and could not put any weight on it for six weeks. All of my post-op visits went well. The office staffs at both the Cedar Knolls office and the Sparta office were very kind and efficient.
At a certain point in my recovery Dr. Epstein prescribed physical therapy and I started PT a few times a week near my home. My surgery was on January 29th and by the end of June I was able to walk/run/jump without pain. I was done with PT and the doc said he didn't need to see me again unless I had any more problems. I still have to keep up with a few PT exercises on my own but I am back to walking and hiking without worrying about my ankle going out on me.
Dr. Epstein and the staff of Tri-County Orthopedics helped me get through this difficult time in my life. I recommend them to anyone searching for an orthopedic doctor." – Michele R. 

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