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"I called up the day that I needed an appointment and I chose Dr Colizza, for my shoulder injury. I could not move my arm above my head and Dr. Colizza gave me a thorough exam ordered an X-ray and within 10 minutes of the X-ray he suggested an anti-inflammatory, and  was in so much pain he suggested a cortisone injection, which I most likely would have begged for due to my profession as a hairdresser. I needed to be able to start lifting my arms asap. He also wrote up a prescription for an MRI just in case my pain did not go away, in three days I was back at work.I also follow a list of PT exercises that he gave me to do three times a week on my own with bands that  he provided. I absolutely love Dr. Colizza and I highly recommend him! He listens and he's to the point and he is intelligent and micro records his cases. Thank your Dr Colizza for helping me out." – Jennifer E. 

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