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I fractured my ankle the beginning of January, 2013 on the first icy day of a winter with many ice and snow storms. Overlook ER hit its maximum admission number with staffing not being permitted to leave and doctors being called in. After many hours of sitting in the hallway, I returned home on crutches with my X-rays knowing I had a fractured ankle.

"Dr. Goldberger's office scheduled me as one of the first of many patients who had fell to the storm. I had seen Dr. Goldberger previously for plantar fasciitis, and believed him to be an excellent doctor. He also came highly recommended by my daughter-in-law who made phone calls to professionals in the field. If I needed a surgeon, he was recommended. At that point, I did not know I needed surgery. I probably was in denial. Dr. Goldberger calmly told me that I did need surgery and scheduled it for Wednesday. The surgery went smoothly for me, and he advised my son after surgery it was "textbook." My recovery was uneventful and Doctor Goldberger was flexible with the splint due to surgery I was supposed to have on the same leg as a result of a basal cell diagnoses. That actually waited until after splint came off.

The bottom line is Dr. Goldberger did a wonderful job on my two fractured bones. I am blessed to have requested his services because I am back 100%; swimming, hiking, skiing, walking as far as I want in NYC and have been back to tennis for past three months. I feel so lucky to have had him as a surgeon, and I am grateful to the wonderful physical therapists who helped me through rehab. Dr. Goldberger was patient with my questions during every visit and gave me every confidence that I could do what I wanted with my left ankle/foot and I do. Thank you Dr. Goldberger. In addition, all the staff were professional and kind during every visit from scheduling to X-ray techs." – Diane V.  

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