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"In January 2016, I broke my second metatarsal in my left foot.  It was a displaced fracture.  After an x-ray at an urgent care, I was recommended to see a specialist immediately and randomly chose someone in my area.  This doctor looked at my x-ray (not at my actual foot) and had me scheduled for surgery for the following week to get a plate, screws. etc.  I would have been in a hard cast for 8 weeks, then a boot and then physical therapy.  After taking a day to discuss with family and friends, I decided to get a second opinion and I was recommended to see Dr. Epstein by a good friend, who is also a physical therapist.  Turns out, my father had meniscus surgery done by Dr. Epstein a few months prior and also had a great experience with him.  Dr. Epstein took time to look at my x-ray and also examine my foot.  He took measurements of how many degrees the bone was off and after a thorough explanation, his recommendation was to wear a boot and let it heal on its own.  I was shocked by the huge difference in opinions but I had a very good impression of Dr. Epstein and greatly appreciated his explanation and decided to go the route he suggested.  I went in for x-rays every 4 weeks and he let me know how my progress was going.  After 12 weeks, I was out of the boot and had an orthotic made for my sneaker, which I wore for two weeks.  After 16 weeks, he felt that I was just about 100% healed and I am back to resuming complete normal activity.  I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Epstein and while I don't wish for any more broken bones or other injuries, I told him I would definitely go back to him for myself or any of my family members." – Jessica S.    

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