Introduction: Claudia L. Ginsberg, M.D.

In this video you will learn more about Tri-County Orthopedics’ fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine specialist, Dr. Claudia Ginsberg.

Dr. Ginsberg: Welcome to Tri-County Orthopedics. My name is Dr. Claudia Ginsberg. I am a fellowship-trained, board-certified, primary care sports medicine specialist. I've been practicing at Tri-County Orthopedics since 2003.

Sports medicine is a field within orthopedics that focuses on the muscular skeletal care of athletes, and really, any active individual. Some sports medicine physicians are surgeons and some are not. As a nonoperative sports medicine physician, I really help patients focusing on establishing an accurate diagnosis and then formulating a treatment plan that really has more of a conservative bend to it.

I think patients should really try to exhaust their nonoperative treatment options before pursuing surgery. Most sports medicine injuries will never require surgery.

If a patient and I decide that it's best for their treatment goals to have surgery, I will discuss that surgery with them, the pros and cons of it, as well as help them figure out who is the best specialist for that procedure.

I think patients enjoy having an advocate within orthopedics who is not a surgeon, who, in an unbiased and un-pressured way, can help them navigate all of the actions.

For more information about me and my practice, please visit my biography page on the Web site. Thank you.

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