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“My experience at Tri-County was excellent. I was taken in for my appointment with Dr. Colizza on time. I found the center inviting, clean, and very professional. Dr. Colizza made my visit comfortable and very informative. I was told I needed a knee replacement on one knee and my torn meniscus repaired on the other. After some discussion, I decided to have my meniscus repaired and put the knee replacement on hold for now. To ease some of the arthritic knee pain, I requested a gel shot at the time of the operation. I am glad I did that, it helped in my recovering with the operated knee. I was able to lean on the injected knee without pain. I decided for my operation I didn't want a hospital environment and requested I go to the Surgery Center in Denville. I was very pleased with this facility and received the up-most professional care there. I am home now recovering and doing very well. I want to thank Dr. Colizza and his staff for a great job. He is a remarkable surgeon and I can't say enough about him or Tri-County Orthopedics. There is no need to be in pain, call now for your appointment.”
-- Eleanor B.

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