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“My experience with my total hip replacement on August 20, I appreciated all the time and effort into preparing me for the operation to know what to expect. All the paperwork, etc., was done before I went to the hospital on the day of the operation. The class that was held so I could ask questions a few days before the operation helped alot. All the details and instructions including showering with antiseptic soup the night before and after the operation, the prune juice in the evening and warm water in the morning. All of that helped make me feel safe and certainly kept me more comfortable. The operation itself was pretty easy with a small incision. I was in the hospital two nights in a private room and went home was able to walk without assistance (not even a cane) five weeks after the operation. I drove myself to rehabilitation three weeks after the operation, and it was my right leg. I never did limp once. It is now October 10 and I am just about pain free in the hip area where the operation was. If any of my other bones need attention, I’ll know where to go." -- Rose M.

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