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"My 11 year old daughter, Kayla, fell at school. The school nurse told my daughter she would most likely need an X-ray. Friday evening we spent three hours in the ER, only to be told they were "treating it" as if it was a broken finger because her fingers were too swollen and bruised for the X-rays to show anything. By Sunday night Kayla was in unbelievable pain.

"Tri-County Orthopedics was referred to me by our primary physician. Dr. McBride was able to make the time to see my daughter within an hour of our call. His bed-side manner was outstanding! It has been my experience that most doctors only speak to the parent(s) and not the child. Dr. McBride was absolutely wonderful in the way he spoke to and treated both my daughter and I. He clearly is an expert in his field. Without X-rays he was able to determine she had broken her finger in not one, but two places, and she also fractured her growth plate. He gave her the options of a fiberglass splint or simple bands to hold her fingers in place, and by letting her make that decision, she really felt like she was in charge of what happened to her and in turn, the whining and complaints to me ended (can't thank you enough Dr. McBride!)

"From the minute we checked in at the front desk, until we were getting our final instructions on our way out, each and every person at Tri-County Orthopedics that we encountered was nothing but 100% caring, competent professionals. It was truly an unexpected and refreshing experience that each and every person was so kind, so caring, and so professional.

"I would HIGHLY reccommend Tri-County Orthopedics for any orthopedic need you may have. With confidence I say the entire experience should prove to be a great one!" -- Patti H.

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