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"For over 4 years now, I've been having intense shoulder pain in my left arm when doing a particular movement (moving my arm up when my left arm is across the body). After visiting numerous doctors, having X-rays, and blood drawn with no results, I came to Tri-County Orthopedics. Dr. Claudia Ginsberg had me do a range of motions, called for another X-ray, and told me her diagnosis: tendinitis. She explained quite thoroughly what was happening to my shoulder and assured me that the pain would go away over time with physical therapy. 

What was truly great about Dr. Ginsberg is that she took the time to explain everything. Up until that point, doctors had treated me like a number, spending as little time as possible with me in the office, never explaining the diagnosis, and just prescribing pain killers or muscle relaxants. When I'd ask questions, I was treated as if I was being too difficult. Dr. Ginsberg took the time to help me understand what was going on. As a result, instead of feeling exasperated with doctors as I did with my previous doctor visits, I felt as if my shoulder pain was curable.

I now know that to be a fact. Two weeks into physical therapy, and my shoulder pain is slowly going away.

Thank you, Dr. Ginsberg and Tri-County Orthopedics!" -- Sonja

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