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"Chi, Dr. Montgomery's PA, came in first to assess my situation. He was extremely thorough and ordered two X-rays. He was kind and informative and explained how my knees have deteriorated. I was visibly upset, but he was very comforting and assuring. He was wonderful! "Dr. Montgomery was not only informative, but he was compassionate and also very comforting. He was straightforward with his diagnosis and suggested options. He also listened to me and that was a first. I appreciated all he said and did. He gave me two shots of cortisone in my knees, and because of that, I have had some relief for the first time in years. My visit was very enlightening and has actually given me hope. I trust him and will seek his recommendation as to who should handle my replacements when the time comes. He is one of the most professional and kind doctors I have ever met. "I would and HAVE already recommended your practice. You are 'world-class!' Thank you." --Rhonda D.

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