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"My husband Paul (Brad) had been living with severe hip and back pain for years. Brad felt it was occupationally related from years working in construction. Brad's quality of life was diminishing as he could no longer do activities that he enjoyed like riding a bike or hiking. He could not stand for long periods or sleep at night. "Dr. Goldman has given Brad the ability to enjoy life again and engage in all the physical activities that he once did. Brad had one hip replaced the end of September 2012 and headed for a trip to Hawaii the end of October. (I might add that he was 66 at the time.) The end of March 2013 Brad had his second hip replaced by Dr. Goldman and was active within a month. He has recently been hiking sections of the Appalacian trail and I'm sure he appreciates being able to do this type of activity again. I am so grateful for all the superb care Brad received with Dr. Goldman and all his staff. Thanks to all of them my husband is pain free, active and happy." --Jeanne H.

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