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"My first experience with Tri-County was with Dr. Robert Goldman. I needed bilateral knee replacements. Everyone was trying to talk me into going into New York to have it done. I have never had an operaton in my entire life, and I was really scared. Then through word of mouth, I heard about Dr. Goldman—they said he was 'the man.' My daughter who is an OT also told me about Dr. Goldman. "I made the appointment, he took tests, showed me the films, and explained to me why I needed to have both knees replaced at the same time. I felt very comfortable speaking with Dr. Goldman as he explained in detail about the surgery and the PT I would need after the surgery. Dr. Goldman performed the surgery and worked very hard doing the therapy, which was very painful. I am able to do anything without having the awful pain in my knees. The New York doctors can't hold a candle to Dr. Goldman. He truly is 'the man'! "There is no better orthopedic practice anywhere that is better than Tri-County!" --Arlene B.

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