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"After being examined by two orthopedic surgeons in my area, I was completely discouraged, as they told me that they would not recommend an operation to repair my right distal tendon. Their reason was that I had waited too long after the injury occurred (six months). Then my daughter suffered a ski accident, which resulted in a torn ACL. She was referred to Dr. Andrew Willis, and shortly after seeing him, he operated and repaired her ACL. I decided to travel 80 miles to see Dr. Willis. "After a quick X-ray, he diagnosed my injury as a "chronic distal tendon rupture." He talked with me at great length and explained the severity of the injury and what he could do to help me. He exuded an air of confidence and took the time to answer my questions—he even showed me pictures of the operation prior to leaving his office. Two weeks later I had the operation, and the only word I can say to describe the experience is "fantastic"! Dr. Willis was professional, well-schooled in this procedure, and gave me a sense of confidence in the operation. It has been 3 weeks since my operation, and my bicep muscle is in its original position. I've had absolutely no pain after the operation, and I am now able to move my arm with full extension. "I truly feel that Dr. Willis is an outstanding surgeon—I will always be grateful to him for all that he has done for my daughter and I." --Paul P.

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