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"I consulted Dr. Colizza for a diagnosis with regard to pain in my right hip. After having X-rays taken, he reviewed them with me and presented me with treatment options. I opted for hip replacement surgery. Dr. Colizza anticipated and answered all my questions about the procedure, where it would be performed, what type of anesthesia would be used, how long I would be in the hospital, the type of after-care he recommended, etc. He was so thorough that I felt I would be in good hands. I had previously looked up his credentials, and found that he is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with 20 years of experience. He then referred me to one of his staff members who told me she would send me a packet of information detailing the clearances I would need prior to the surgery. She scheduled the surgery date and sent me the information I needed. She was very friendly and efficient, and in a subsequent phone conversation answered some additional questions, which had occurred to me." -- Diana C.

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