Ankle Replacement Patient Still Going Strong After Nearly a Decade

At 23, local resident Ann Kempczyski broke her ankle. At age 59, after years of numerous doctors and failed conservative treatments for the arthritis that had developed in the same ankle, Ann had to rely on a wheelchair to get around due to her chronic ankle pain. She was even ready to give up traveling. Instead, she went once more to yet another doctor and was finally referred to foot and ankle specialist Dr. Michael Goldberger.

After showing Ann X-rays of her ankle and explaining the extent of the damage, Dr. Goldberger recommended a relatively rare procedure: total ankle replacement. Ann agreed to the treatment and began preparing for surgery with instructions and advice from Dr. Goldberger and Tri-County Orthopedics.

“I knew what to expect; Dr. Goldberger was absolutely fantastic,” Ann says. “I can’t say enough about the wonderful treatment I got from Dr. Goldberger, and the whole staff at Tri-County Orthopedics was excellent.”

Eight years later, Ann is still traveling and still thankful for her total ankle replacement and follow-up care.

"I knew recovery was important, so I took it very seriously so that I could get back to traveling again,” says Ann. “Now, I go away four to six weeks every year, and I have no problem walking. Had I known how good I would feel now, I would have done the surgery much sooner!"

Total ankle replacement, an alternative to an ankle fusion, has progressed significantly since its inception in the late 1980s, and at the time of Ann’s surgery, it was less common than today. Through the years, the procedure has evolved further to include mobile components that have been used in artificial hips and knees for years. And as the improvements abound, so does the life quality of countless patients who undergo the procedure.

Fellowship-trained in foot ankle surgery, Dr. Goldberger has been performing total ankle replacements on qualified candidates for years and has consistently seen tremendous success. The procedure continues to grow in effectiveness and popularity, and Dr. Goldberger continues to use his expertise in this procedure to patients get back to what they love.

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