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Dr. Michael Goldberger is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the care of foot and ankle disorders and has been the director of the Foot & Ankle Center at Tri-County Orthopedics since 1998.

He grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. After graduating from Emory University, Dr. Goldberger received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College with honors in orthopedic surgery. Upon completing his orthopedic residency, Dr. Goldberger spent a year in fellowship training in foot and ankle surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Dr. Goldberger specializes in the treatment of tendon and ligament disorders of the ankle, including Achilles tendonitis, as well as traumatic injuries, including fractures. Dr. Goldberger also specializes in reconstructive procedures, including total ankle replacements, hallux valgus and flatfoot repair, and first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) replacement for hallux rigidus using the leading-edge Cartiva® Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI).

Dr. Goldberger is vice president of the Arthritis Foundation's New Jersey Board of Directors. Additionally, since 2006, Dr. Goldberger has led a team of healthcare professionals to service homeless shelters with medical care and footwear each Thanksgiving.

In his free time, Dr. Goldberger enjoys spending time with his family as well as biking and fitness; he is also an avid sports fan. Through competitive basketball, he has gained a keen understanding of the needs of high-caliber athletes and weekend warriors alike.

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“Dr. Goldberger was highly recommended to me by a friend. I got a double bunionectomy. He first tried to talk me out of doing both at the same time, but I went through with it. He was great and always made time for me immediately post surgery when I had concerns. I definitely would recommend him and Tri-County Orthopedics I feel lucky to have them so close to my house.”
– Patricia M.
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