Surgery Scheduling

We are dedicated to ensuring you have access to the information and support you need every step of the way at Tri-County Orthopedics.

To help you reach the team member best suited to help you, please see our listing of phone extensions below.

Department Extension
Provider Questions & Scheduling  
Drs. Decter, Gyi, Wendel 592
Drs. D’Agostini, Hunt 593
Drs. Epstein, Montgomery, Shearin 594
Drs. Ginsberg, McBride, Willis 595
Drs. Goldberger, Goldman 596
Drs. Colizza, Forbes, Lombardi 597
Dr. Ramirez 599
Drs. Capecci, Klein, Simmerano 608
Dr. Hiramoto 612
Surgery Scheduling  
Drs. Colizza, Lombardi 601
Dr. Goldman 602
Dr. Willis 603
Drs. Epstein, Montgomery 604
Drs. D’Agostini, Hunt 605
Drs. Forbes, Goldberger 606
Drs. Capecci, Klein, Simmerano 607
Drs. McBride, Shearin 610
Dr. Hiramoto 613
Billing 590
Operators 591
Workers’ Compensation/Motor Vehicle
Cedar Knolls