Ankle Fracture Surgery

If you’ve broken your ankle, one or more of the bones that make up your ankle joint have been separated into pieces, and ligaments may be damaged as well. The more bones you’ve broken, the more unstable your ankle becomes. The severity of your fracture will help your doctor determine the proper treatment method to help you heal. In some instances, an ankle fracture may be treated with a cast, brace, or walking boot, which may be worn until your ankle bones realign and regain stability. However, if a cast, brace, or boot is not successful in realigning your bones, an ankle fracture repair surgery may be required.

To restore stability and function in your ankle joint, ankle fracture surgery will focus on repairing the damaged ligament in your ankle. To do this, your doctor will likely place a screw between your fibula and tibia to secure your bones in a proper, stable position, allowing your ligament to heal.