Golfer’s Elbow Surgery

If you’re suffering from severe elbow pain due to golfer’s elbow, your doctor may recommend golfer’s elbow surgery, or medial epicondylectomy. During golfer’s elbow surgery, your surgeon will create an incision along the inner side of your elbow in order to access and carefully remove your medial epicondyle. This is the bony bump located on the inner side of your elbow that is putting pressure on the blocked ulnar nerve. Once removed, your ulnar nerve will be able to glide freely when bending and straightening your elbow.

Golfer’s elbow surgery is an outpatient procedure that will require you to be under local anesthesia. Post-surgery, you will be given pain medication, and your elbow will be bandaged using a splint. Following your surgery, physical therapy is recommended in order to ensure a complete recovery.

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