Safety Tips for Walking Aids

Walking aids are a very important step in your recovery from your injury. These aids help keep weight off of your injured leg, assist with balance, and help you accomplish your daily activities in a safer way. When you first start out using your walking aid, it may be helpful to have a friend or family member around so they can help support you while you are learning how to use it.

It’s important to eliminate possible hazards in your home before you begin using your walking aid. Follow these tips to make your home safer and to help prevent a slip or fall in your home:

  • Make sure you have your most essential items within your reach, like a phone, remote, and book.
  • If you need to carry something with you as you walk, try to use a backpack or something similar so that your hands are free.
  • Remove all possible tripping hazards, like loose rugs, electrical cords, and any other clutter on the floor where you will be walking. 
  • Arrange your furniture so that you will have clear and wide enough pathways.
  • It might be best to avoid stairs as much as possible until you get comfortable with your walking aid. If you use stairs, make sure your stairs are clean and free of tripping hazards.

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