Wrist Tendonitis Surgery

Reduced flexibility and hand strength as well as ongoing pain are symptoms of wrist tendonitis (medically referred to as tendinitis). If pain remains persistent and conservative treatment options are not successful, wrist tendonitis surgery may be recommended.

During a wrist tendonitis surgery, the wrist surgeon will make an incision near the affected tendons. Any scar tissue will be removed, allowing for the tendons to have greater mobility. If the ends of the tendons are damaged, the surgeon will make sutures as needed. 

Recovery from wrist tendonitis surgery should take roughly six weeks. During this time, a splint or cast will immobilize the wrist until it heals. Following the procedure, the wrist surgeon may recommend physical therapy so scar tissue does not form. It is important to note that in some cases tendonitis can reappear. Therefore, postoperative instructions should be followed.