Workers’ Compensation Center

At the Center of Excellence for Workers’ Compensation, we know the importance of providing prompt, expert care to your clients is the key to the best outcomes and a timely return to work.

In response to recent feedback, we have taken steps to improve access to our doctors, streamline clinical documentation, and will now provide additional opportunities for continuing education to all of our partners in care.

Improvements to our Workers’ Compensation service for you include:

  • Additional appointment times and a continued commitment to getting patients evaluated within 24 hours of injury
  • A summary of updated contact numbers for improved access to our case managers and support staff
  • Physicians speakers bureau for in-house presentations

Workers' Compensation Scheduling

Please use the following phone number or online appointment request form to schedule an appointment with our workers' compensation doctors.

Phone: (973) 538-2334, Ext. 598

Workers' Compensation Practice Contacts

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