Dr. Kenneth Montgomery Returns From Fifth Medical Mission Trip to Vietnam

Dr. Kenneth Montgomery, a surgeon at the region’s most preferred orthopedic practice, Tri-County Orthopedics, has returned from his annual medical mission trip to Vietnam with not-for-profit OrthoNations after performing the country’s first elbow arthroscopy. Dr. Montgomery and his eight team members annually volunteer their specialized skills and extensive knowledge to aid in local health care development, and together, they trained Vietnam’s local surgeons in the techniques and technology required for elbow arthroscopy and orthopedic treatments and procedures.  
OrthoNations is a not-for-profit organization for the international advancement of orthopedics. Having begun their efforts in Vietnam, OrthoNations’ goal is to give the developing world access to the latest knowledge and technology in arthroscopic and orthopedic surgery. Since its inception in 2015, OrthoNations has fostered cross-cultural scholarship through medical missions and training for visiting surgeons as well as domestic lecturing and training through observation for young foreign surgeons. In its fifth year, OrthoNations has been successful in educating and training seven fellows both in the United States as well as in Vietnam. 
Dr. Montgomery, who is a fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and upper extremity surgery at Tri-County Orthopedics in Cedar Knolls, also serves as the New York Jets’ head team physician in addition to being co-founder and president of OrthoNations. It has been through his work and that of the other co-founders, Dr. Teo Mendez and Dixie Douville, R.N., M.S.N., that OrthoNations has had continued success, completing Vietnam's first elbow arthroscopy procedure during this year's trip and the first total shoulder replacements in the country during last year's travels. 
Both procedures, which are commonly performed in the United States, offer the surgeons of Vietnam the opportunity to treat debilitating pain and injury with proven success. “We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to bring our training and expertise to patients in need, and to work with the many gifted and driven doctors of Vietnam, performing surgeries and sharing techniques,” says Dr. Montgomery. “As an orthopedic surgeon, we help our patients at Tri-County Orthopedics regain their strength, function and ability to do what they love, and as such, it's been a true honor to share our education and training to help serve many more through OrthoNations in Vietnam." 
Dr. Montgomery completed his training in orthopedic surgery at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery. To learn and provide high-level, subspecialized care, he later underwent two additional years of surgical training through fellowships in sports medicine and hand and upper extremity surgery at the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma and Harvard Hand and Upper Extremity Service, respectively. Alongside his work with OrthoNations, Dr. Montgomery serves as a specialist at the Sports Medicine Center and the Hand & Upper Extremity Center at Tri-County Orthopedics in Cedar Knolls, where he focuses on returning strength and function to athletes and active individuals of all ages. With his extensive, multispecialty training, Dr. Montgomery provides advanced care for sports-related and joint injuries and conditions, including nonoperative management and minimally invasive surgical treatment. 
“All of our surgeons at Tri-County Orthopedics share a devotion to helping others keep doing what they love and live healthy, active lifestyles,” says Dr. Paul Lombardi, practice president for Tri-County Orthopedics. “We are so proud of Dr. Montgomery and his team as they continue their training and travels year after year.” 
OrthoNations is privately funded through generous monetary, equipment and medical supply donations. To learn how you can help join the cause and support the efforts of OrthoNations, please visit www.orthonations.org. To see photos from the travels of the OrthoNations team, follow @orthonations on Instagram. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Montgomery or Tri-County Orthopedics, please call (973) 538-2334 or request an appointment online

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