Hall-of-Famer Bowls a Perfect Game With New Shoulder From Dr. Hunt

Local retiree, grandfather, and Morris Plains resident Richard Griffith, 70, has been an athlete for his entire life. Amongst various games and competitive endeavors, one sport remained a primary passion through Richard’s days—bowling. 

Because of the wear and tear done to his shoulder from years of athleticism and hard work, Richard eventually had significant, enduring shoulder pain and sought expert help for a solution. Enter Dr. Stephen Hunt at Tri-County Orthopedics, who came highly recommended to Richard based on his surgical record and patient care reputation.

Confident in Dr. Hunt, Richard underwent the surgery after decades of shoulder pain. Though, Richard didn’t expect to bowl a 300 game again, saying, “I never thought I’d actually get back to bowling.”

After a full recovery, Richard no longer has any shoulder pain and says he's no longer limited.

“Now, it’s absolutely wonderful,” says Richard. “I have no pain in it, no problem with it—I can do anything with that shoulder.” 

The New Jersey State Bowling Hall-of-Famer recently bowled his first 300 game since his shoulder replacement. He calls it a miracle credited to Dr. Hunt’s work, rehabilitation with Tri-County Orthopedics, and being a lifelong athlete driven to stay active and surmount challenges.

Of Dr. Hunt, Richard notes, “He’s a good, good man. He did a great job with it and it really worked out well for me. He lived up to his reputation.”

Today, Richard is maintaining a 225 average and playing and practicing three times a week in the game he loves most. Since age 7, Richard has been hitting pins, and he isn't stopping any time soon.

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