Local Triathlete Still on Top After Treatment With Dr. David Epstein

Meet Bree O., a healthcare professional, a loving mother of two sons, and an avid triathlete, swimmer, and swimrunner. Bree's active lifestyle came to a halt when she experienced a complete ACL rupture while skiing with her son. The injury challenged her physically and emotionally, especially because staying active was a significant part of her life.

Supported by her friends and family, Bree began her search for the right solution. Given her background, she carefully researched procedures and sought out a specialist who understood her needs. This search led her to Dr. David Epstein, a highly regarded orthopedic expert at Tri-County Orthopedics known for his expertise in ACL reconstruction using an autograft transfer.

Dr. Epstein's approach was exactly what Bree needed. He listened to her concerns and outlined a comprehensive plan for her recovery. The surgery was successful, and Bree's determination shone through during her rehabilitation. Thanks to her hard work and Dr. Epstein's skillful care, she was walking shortly after the surgery.

“This was like the first time where for me I really appreciated all the guidance I got, and the information was accurate,” Bree said of her journey with Tri-County Orthopedics. “Follow-up was wonderful, and just overall the experience was superb.”

Bree's progress was impressive. Just five months after her operation, she participated in a sprint triathlon, where she not only competed but also secured a commendable third place in her group. Her journey serves as a testament to her resilience and the excellent care she received.

Today, Bree continues her active lifestyle, looking ahead to a future filled with more competitions. Her story stands as a reminder that, with determination and the right support, overcoming challenges is possible. Bree's journey showcases the power of perseverance and serves as an inspiration to others facing similar obstacles.

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